False Expectations about a Job

Create Opportunity Awareness

The missing link in creating a sustainable pipeline of job applicants is to create awareness around a position before you have a need.


Companies now face difficulties in attracting top talent.  If job seekers hear bad things about your company or don’t like the stigma associated with a particular job, you’ll miss out on the cream of the crop candidates

To improve your chances of winning the hearts of the right applicants, we work on developing and promoting the position itself.  


We create a marketing campaign that runs continuously in your immediate area, around a particular position highlighting its strengths and eliminating common misconceptions.  There is no company specific information shared and no openings posted, just educating a group of people on social media of a particular positions benefits. 

From these opportunity awareness ads a database is built for a particular area with individuals that interacted with the ad.    When a job does become available you have a virtual pipeline of both active and passive job seekers that we directly market the open position to.


This helps eliminate two major bottlenecks with traditional recruiting. 

  1. False expectations about a job

  2. Access to passive job seekers

Why Choose Us?

The job search process, or industry, is currently set up as a passive and unclear engagement with no real focus on working class jobs. You can try job boards or professional networking sites, but relying on those alone is like buying a raffle ticket…good luck!

Instead, at Inflection Poynt we take an active, more clear approach to job placement. Social media is pervasive and utilized by the masses.  Using location and job specific criteria we access both those that are a actively looking for jobs AND the “non-job seekers” which are often better performers and have less turnover.  We focus on more than just title and location before we seek out the best candidates. Our ability to clearly understand your expectations allows us to find “A Players” that exceed the expectation of the hiring manager and company ensuring the right fit without wasting your time.

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