Why become a Driver in Waste Management Industry?

Job Security

We are in unsure economic times. However, there is one thing you can count on: People generate trash and need it removed. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 13.2 percent employment growth for garbage collectors between 2016 and 2026. In that period, an estimated 17,900 jobs should open up.

Physical Fitness

Tired of sitting at a desk or long haul trucking?  Get paid to get in shape. 

Waste collectors lift weights and walk an est 20 miles in a day. 

Valuable Work

Garbageman keep our community clean and safe. 

The community loves you especially kids!


Garbagewomen make good money and have great benfiits


Mean Annual Salary of $39,000 Plus full medical and retirement benefits  

New positions opening soon 

Let us know if you are interested.  We will notify you when a driver position becomes available.