On-demand driver sourcing packages for your CDL driver needs: OTR, Waste Management, Freight, Tanker, Bobtail

Using a smart machine learning algorithm, only CDL-licensed,  trustworthy, and hardworking candidates are sourced and delivered directly to you

Request a Quote and we will tell you how! 


300,000 CDL Drivers

Inflection Poynt has developed an extensive database of drivers based on custom audiences in multiple social media platforms


Exact Quality 

We automatically screen candidates based on criteria you set.  So only those who meet all of your hiring criteria will be sent.  


Passive Job Seekers

A job posting is actively marketed in the geographic area to get access to passive job seekers.  Those who do not know they want a new job until one with better opportunities presents itself. 


Improve your P&L overnight

Fully staff your team so that overtime costs and lost production no longer hit your P&L


Greg, OPs Manager

We’re nearly finished!  We have nine (9) confirmed offers of employment with one to go.  The sourcing program has been a great tool for us to use—can’t thank you enough for your assistance and patience. 


Our sincerest thanks once more!

Andy, Maint Manager

The candidates you have been sending us are Grade-A.  We will use you every time we have an opening

Tanya, HR Specialist 

We sincerely thought the market was dry.  Now we can't keep up with the applicants